Alsip's is a full service FIREPLACE company specializing in fireplace sales, service, maintenance, and INSPECTIONS. We also offer a CUSTOMIZED FIREPLACE MEDIA GLASS program that changes monthly featuring different colors for Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Breast Cancer Month, Halloween, Winnipeg Jets, or any custom event. Sales and RENTALS of a complete line of gas or propane FIRE TABLE CONVERSATION SETS FOR PATIOS. Alsip’s is a family based business serving Manitoba since 1905.

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Did you know that as per the Manitoba by-laws, every fuel-fired heating system must be inspected annually? We have certified technicians who will come inspect your wood and gas appliances and make sure they look and run at their peak performance.

There are over 13000 dryer vent fires in North America annually. The number one cause of dryer vent fires is due to lack of maintenance. We at Alsip’s, will test your air flow, clean out the lint from the vent and clean to back of the dryer to help avoid fires.

A WETT inspection (Wood Energy Technology Transfer Inc.) is an examination of your wood-burning appliances performed by a WETT-certified professional. Our staff are certified to perform WETT inspections to ensure its safety, many insurance companies are insisting that the inspections of wood-burning appliances and equipment, such as your fireplace, pizza oven, or chimney, be performed by a WETT-certified professional. Our goal is to make sure your appliance is installed properly and can be used safely.

Is your fireplace not working right? Is the flame flickering? Is it not lighting? Does the remote not work? Our service technicians are trained in identifying problems and fixing them efficiently and safely.

Do you need any outdoor heating for an event? What about for the whole season? We offer outdoor heating products like fire tables that are available for rent for any where between an evening to a full season.

Fireplace chimneys need to be cleaned once a year. Wood fireplaces can build creosote in the chimney that is highly flammable and can start a chimney fire. If the wood chimney is clogged it can cause smoke and fumes to enter the room. Gas fireplaces that are clogged can cause Carbon Monoxide to spill into your room. Alsip’s has certified chimney sweeps that can come the cleaning for you.

A fireplace is the focal point of any room.

What is the focus of your fireplace?

Not only does a fireplace create a warm atmosphere and a soothing ambience, it should speak to the audience it touches about the about the character of the room or location it is in.

Is it clean, fun, relevant? Is your media social?

Our media program is designed to keep your fireplace the focal point by changing the colors and designs on a monthly basis, depending on the seasons, holidays, or special events.

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