PWS Anti-Graffiti System

Professional® Water Sealant & Anti-Graffitiant is a “Dual Purpose” silicone rubber water repellent which provides invisible protection from graffiti as well as water intrusion.

As an inorganic water repellent, it is easily applied and bonds naturally to a wide variety of porous building surfaces, adding years of weather-proofing protection to new or existing structures.

By applying the Anti-Graffitant prior to vandalism, it establishes a long-lasting, non-sacrificial barrier which prevents paint penetration. This allows for the repeated cycles of graffiti removal when Professional Phase II Cleaner is used.

Graffiti Protection requires a two-coat application

PWS-15 Super

Used as the first coat for all vertical surfaces. Used as the second coat for split face, fluted, expanded shale and most other concrete block.

PWS-8 Extra

Used as the second coat for brick and concrete, stucco, sandstone and limestone.

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