Umbrella Clips


The solution to fix your parasol. New concept of support allowing the parasol to be fixed on most ramps (wood, metal or PVC). Stable and solid. Only requires a screwdriver to install. 2 holders included by pack (one piece for the top and one for the bottom). Available in 2 colors, black or white. Treated against UV rays.



Introducing SunClip Umbrella Clips – the solution for all your outdoor shade needs. With these innovative clips, you no longer have to worry about losing precious space at the center of your table, or about your umbrella tipping over due to strong winds. Enjoy your meals in the shade, at any time of day, without sacrificing comfort or stability.

The SunClip Umbrella Clips are easily adjustable, ensuring that everyone around the table is comfortable and shaded. Plus, these clips can be easily secured to standard balcony rails, making them ideal for both large and small outdoor spaces. Protect your children from overexposure to the sun while also enjoying a relaxing afternoon reading a book in the shade of your long chair.

Not only do these clips provide practical shade solutions, but they can also be used as a birdhouse or decoration stand, offering a touch of charm to your outdoor space. They can even provide shade to your delicate plants and flowers, ensuring they thrive in the heat of the summer.

The SunClip Umbrella Clips are compatible with all balconies and are designed to be easily stored away when not in use. The post can be firmly secured, and the umbrella can be tipped to adjust the shade area to your liking.

Upgrade your outdoor experience with SunClip Umbrella Clips – the versatile and practical solution for all your shade needs.