getADEX MICATEX finish coat is a trowel-applied, factory-mixed architectural wall coating available in 12 standard colours as well as custom colours (upon request).

  • MICATEX finish coat provides a textured, coloured surface for exterior or interior applications.

Montigo L38 ST w Mica Tex

Montigo L38 ST w Mica Tex2











See below for the 12 standard colours:


Micatex AX-EN-1 Micatex AX-EN-2 Micatex AX-EN-3 Micatex AX-EN-4 Micatex AX-EN-5 Micatex AX-EN-6 Micatex AX-EN-7 Micatex AX-EN-8 Micatex AX-EN-9 Micatex AX-EN-10 Micatex AX-EN-11 Micatex AX-EN-12

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