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Tofino Sky

Tofino Sky

Arbutus Fieldstone

Arbutus Fieldstone

Ocean Mist Ledgestone

Ocean Mist Ledgestone












K2’s thin stone is real stone, cut to about 1 inch thick, making it light enough to be installed as a veneer. Sometimes referred to as thin veneer, thin stone offers all the engineered benefits that have made artificial rock so popular, while retaining the beauty and durability of the real stone. It can be used both as an interior and exterior finish.

Some popular applications include: Exterior stone walls, chimneys, pillars, gate posts, fireplaces, and barbeques.

Put simply, K2’s thin stone is a superior product to manufactured stone. When comparing the physical properties, you see that K2 Stone is stronger than a concrete product (up to 8 times), it’s more resistant to freeze thaw, and absorbs less water. It also will not fade with time, or produce efflorescence. What this means in practical application is that it is more durable, and lower maintenance. Beyond quality advantages, its actually real rock; not an imitation.

Our stone has already endured the test of time. Artificial stone cannot compare in durability, colour or beauty.


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Tofino Sky

Fall 2015 Line-up

  • Tofino Sky Fieldstone
  • Arbutus Fieldstone
  • Ocean Mist Ledgestone

Spring 2016 Line-up

  • Pacific Ashlar 2″
  • Pacific Ashlar 4″
  • Black Pearl Ledgestone


What Are the Advantages of Real Natural Stone?


Natural stone will not fade or wear over time; in fact it looks better with age.

Natural Color


Black Pearl Ledgestone

The vibrancy and life of natural stone cannot be captured by any painted product.

Every Stone is Unique

Natural stone has its own unique characteristics; no two stones are exactly alike because it is not made from a mould


Natural stone can be shaped, trimmed and chiseled to take on any specifications without losing any coloration or effect.

Easy Maintenance

Natural stone can be pressure washed without consequence; whereas manufactured products would be destroyed.


What About Cost?

We invite you to do a cost comparison between an artificial product and K2 Stone. You will find K2 Stone is cost competitive with fake rock products in the initial investment, but over the long run is even less expensive to own. A careful evaluation bears out the affordability of natural stone as well as its edge in performance. It can be cut, acid washed, or power washed without losing colour intensity or consistency.


greenK2 Stone is Green

K2 Stone is a green building Material and earns LEED points!

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