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Step 1: Replace or Remodel

This is the very first stage. A few preliminary questions you might ask:

  • Do I have an existing feature wall or am I wanting to make a blank wall the feature
  • Is my existing feature wall up to date
  • What is out there for feature walls?

You Might then look at the wall and Determine:

  • Do I want to fully replace everything or just an update?
  • Do I want to build something new?

Step 2: Fireplace? Stone? Mantel?

At this Stage, once you've picked your wall and have an idea of what you want to do, we'll want to answer the following questions:

  • Do I want a New Fireplace
    • Update it to Gas Burning, Wood Burning, Electric.
    • Improve Efficiency
    • Get something hotter, or less hot
    • Improve the Ambiance of the Room
  • Do I want Stone or Tile around it?
    • Really highlights the room
    • Update to something more contemporary or Get the Timeless Design
  • Do I want a Mantel?
    • Stone, Wood, Laminate, Live Edge, Etc.

Step 4: Pick Your Product

Now is the best part. We get to pick our product!

Take a look at our different supplier websites below!



Step 5: Install & Enjoy

Enjoy Your Brand New Living Space!