Bagged Wood


That’s right, we now sell bagged firewood. A perfect compliment for that wood fireplace.

We even deliver!

Check out our bagged wood now.

12″ Firewood

  • Pine wood smells better
  • 15% Moisture reading = perfect
  • Way easier to work with than harder wood


What Type of Wood is it?


Is Pine Good to Burn?

Pine is a softwood. It doesn’t take long to season and it burns quick and easy.

What is the Moisture Content of the Wood?

Our wood has a moisture content of about 15-18% this is on the yellow scale of the moisture meter which is average for wood.

What are softwoods?

Examples of softwood are Pine and Cedar

What are Hardwoods

Examples of hardwoods are hickory, cherry and oak. Hardwoods burn hotter and longer than other softwoods.

Do you Deliver?

We absolutely deliver!