Alsip’s Building Products and Services is literally a cornerstone in Manitoba. Many of the brick buildings, with and without historical significance, throughout the province of Manitoba and city of Winnipeg are made with Alsip bricks.

William Alsip, a brickmaker from Chicago, founded the company in the late 1800s, manufacturing clay products such as brick, tile flue lining for chimneys and sewer pipe. Alsip’s was officially incorporated on November 20, 1905, as Alsip’s Brick, Tile and Lumber Company.

To date, the company has been handed down through five generations of Alsips – William Alsip, Elmer Lee Alsip, Frank Alsip, Wayne Alsip and Jason and Brad Alsip.

The tradition and legacy of solid products and service second to none continues today. At Alsip’s you can count on being treated like family.