Good, Better, Best! – The New Astria Fireplace Lineup

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Astria's Scorpio Gas Fireplace

The world of Fireplaces is changing, it’s about to get a lot safer.

Did you know that the HPBA (Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Association), has been working on a new safety standard for all glass fronted fireplaces? The safety standard mandates that all glass fronted fireplaces manufactured after January 1, 2015 have a mandatory safety barrier screen. HPBA has been working with The Consumer Product Safety Commision (CPSC) to pass this regulation and to make it mandatory for all new glass fronted fireplaces.

The safety barrier works by adding a physical barrier to the fireplace, resulting in an air space barrier between the glass front and the barrier. This air space allows heat to be distributed evenly over the barrier as well as into the room. What results is the barrier is at a much lower temperature than the glass front, preventing accidental burns. There is still a danger in touching the barrier for a prolonged period of time but the reduced temperature of the barrier adds another layer of protection for your family.

Since many existing glass fronted fireplaces do not have a safety barrier there are a number of after market solutions in purchasing a safety barrier. We suggest you talk to your fireplace manufacturer or our Maintenance Team to find out the best possible safety barrier for your existing fireplace.

Now if you are looking for a new fireplace for your home let us introduce you to Astria’s new Aries, Gemini, and Scorpio gas fireplaces. These fireplaces were designed with safety in mind, featuring a new safety barrier built right into the fireplace.


Astria's Aries Gas Fireplace

Astria’s Aries Gas Fireplace


The Aries Traditional direct vent combines beauty, efficiency and value, and features a clean faced heat-circulating design with beautiful flame, glowing embers and detailed 5-piece ceramic fiber oak logs. All models are equipped with a standard barrier that meets 2015 requirements. Available in a dedicated top or rear flue configuration. Standard black painted interior. Ignition systems available in either millivolt or energy saving electronic ignition with seamless battery back-up. Built-in barrier for added safety.


Astria's Gemini Gas Fireplace

Astria’s Gemini Gas Fireplace


The newly designed Gemini™ series of direct-vent gas fireplaces projects versatile style and performance. Outfitted with inviting features and outstanding performance, these fireplace units also feature a number of optional accessories, allowing a personal, customized touch.  The units are built with quality components and are easy to install.  That’s the essence of the new Astria Gemini™ series.


Astria's Scorpio Gas Fireplace

Astria’s Scorpio Gas Fireplace


The superbly designed Scorpio™ series is the embodiment of traditional style and performance.   Dressed with an array of standard features including high efficiency ceramic glass and heat circulating blower, these fireplace units make a room both warm and inviting.  Available in three sizes, the Scorpio series provides true design versatility.

Below you will find a product comparison showing some highlighted specs that will help choosing a new model of fireplace. Each model features the latest in safety technology. For more information on the latest in fireplaces feel free to contact us at 204-667-3330 or fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page.

Specifications Aries Gemini Scorpio
Max. BTUs 20,000 21,500 28,000
Efficiency 65.5% 67.0% 71.0%
Flame Good Better Best
Flue *Dedicated **Top/Rear Combo Top/Rear Combo
Controls Fixed Rate ~High/Low Full-Function
Standard Accessories Logs & Grate Logs & Grate Logs, Grate, Ceramic Glass, Liner Kit, Blower, Illumination
Warranty 20 Year 20 Year 20 Year
Contemporary Model Aries CD N/A Scorpio CD

* 45″ model is a top-rear combo. All other models are dedicated top or rear.

** 33″ model is dedicated top or rear. All other models are top/rear combo.

~ Standard wall-mounted control for electronic units

NOTE: For your installation convenience, we have made the framing dimensions identical for each fireplace size across all three Astria series. All models are equipped with 2015 ANSI barriers.

Question about a fireplace? Ask away!