Alsip’s Building Products & Services is hiring for a Seasonal ‘Order Desk Sales Assistant’. Responsibilities include answering phone calls, assisting clients with samples requests, creating quotations and sales orders, obtaining product knowledge, etc. Business casual dress. Hours are 8:00am – 4:30pm, Mon – Fri. The wage for this position is: $15.00 / hour; and as

Alsip’s works with the community in a number of unique ways. We help The Winnipeg Police Service K9 Unit to train their team by allowing them access to our location and facilities. For more information on the K9 Unit, visit their website. From the K9 website: “The role of the Winnipeg Police Service K-9 Unit is to

Montigo C series Peninsula

Choosing a fireplace can be an intimidating ordeal. Luckily we’ve brought together 7 different styles of Montigo Fireplaces. Before we get into the different styles, let’s learn about the history of Montigo: In 1976, president and founder, Dan Binzer started installing zero clearance wood burning fireplaces to local builders in Vancouver, BC. Over the years demand

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A wood burning fireplace is a perfect addition to any home, adding warmth and style to any space. To save your money and time, it is imperative to keep your fireplace maintained and in tip top condition. Having a maintained fireplace will add tremendous value to your home and excite your guests. Today we bring

Buying and installing a new fireplace can be costly. At Alsip’s we want you to enjoy the fireplace experience rather than dwell on the price tag. To help with the costs of a new fireplace install or upgrade, Manitoba Hydro has introduced the Energy Finance Plan. The Energy Finance plan is a convenient, on-bill financing for

Top 5 Fireplace Safety Tips

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A fireplace can be the focal point of your home as the winter chill draws you and your family indoors. While most modern fireplaces are extremely safe, it is important to remember that these sophisticated machines can still be hazardous if used improperly or treated with disregard. With your family’s safety in mind today we

Truck, Boat, RV, we store it all!

Looking for a place to store your stuff for the winter? Let us help you. Alsip’s provides large outdoor fenced storage at a very competitive price. Our storage facility is located at 1 Cole Ave, right in the middle of Winnipeg, accessible 24 hours a day. Store your valuables, whether it be vehicles such as

A wood stove can be a primary heating source for your home or room, adding a layer of ambiance through the crackling of burning wood. Cozying up to a wood burning stove reminds us to stay connected to our families and remember the simple things in life. What is the most important aspect to keep

Astria's Scorpio Gas Fireplace

The world of Fireplaces is changing, it’s about to get a lot safer. Did you know that the HPBA (Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Association), has been working on a new safety standard for all glass fronted fireplaces? The safety standard mandates that all glass fronted fireplaces manufactured after January 1, 2015 have a mandatory safety barrier screen. HPBA

Wood Burning Benefits

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Stuck on the decision of which type of fireplace to purchase for your home? Previously we went over some new Electric Fireplaces from Dimplex, as well as detailing just what exactly the difference between wood and gas burning is. In our wood vs gas burning article, there was a definite bias towards gas burning as Eco-Friendly