About Alsip’s

Alsip’s Building Products and Services is unlike other businesses.

For more than a century, Alsip’s has been helping the people of Western Canada build – homes, businesses and community venues.

Understanding the needs for each project, big or small, is something Alsip’s has always made a priority. Each project is unique and requirements vary – Alsip’s has an expansive selection of products to suit them all.

Recently Alsip’s has re-branded itself with a new look. This new image is a combination of the past with the present. While the look has changed, the commitment to service excellence and delivery of high quality products continues.

In the spring of 2009, Alsip’s opened its first store-front location outside Winnipeg. This marks a new opportunity for Alsip’s to become a valued resource to architects, trades people and consumers in a new location. Saskatoon, Saskatchewan is home to the new design-centre style showroom and outlet, located at 410B 48th Street East, 306.384.3588.